New initiative Funk 'n Twang just launched!

It's been over a year in the making but the new Funk 'n Twang collective has finally launched.

"Funk ‘n Twang is a music production collective started by long time friends and co-writers, John MacArthur Ellis and Barry Coulson. As young kids, they both fell in love with the radio. That was a very long time ago. Since losing their innocence in rock bands as teenagers from the West Coast, they’ve written hundreds of songs together. Considering the current state of the world, John and Barry feel the time is right to turn these songs loose and… “share da love.”

With a group of talented singers already involved in the upcoming Funk 'n Twang projects including David Jay, Britt McKillip, Josh Wyper and Jayden Holman, Funk ‘n Twang is locked, loaded and ready to rock. In addition to releasing quality songs regularly, they also have a mobile Stagetruck which is able to set up anywhere, anytime and present a live show in twenty minutes to showcase the talent within the Funk ‘n Twang collective."

There debut single is available now to stream or download here